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National Assembly, The Tennis Court Oath National Assembly, Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen National Convention, Leve en Masse Edict National Convention, The Law of Suspects Be sure that you refer to specific examples from the documents!

Based upon lectures, the Coffin textbook, and documents listed below, explain at least four causes of social tension between laborers (workers) and capitalists (the owners of commercial farms and of factories) in early 1800s (1800-1850).

Use these documents from Brophy: Rules of a Factory in Berlin Anonymous, An Address by a Journeyman Cotton Spinner.

Explain what the concepts "the nation" and "liberty" seem to have meant in 1789 and explain how the meanings of these two concepts seem to have changed (if you think that they did change) during the Jacobin period.

To answer this question, be sure to use the lecture notes, the Coffin textbook, and the following documents from Brophy: Abb Emmanuel Sieyes, What is the Third Estate?

Your essay should have a concluding paragraph that again summarizes your main points.

It is a good idea to prepare in advance by writing an outline for each question, and by thinking very carefully about what you want in include in each section of your answer to each question.

All of the topics don’t have the same kind of appeal in terms of their scope for crafting a top quality paper.

(remember, the multiple choice section of the exam covers chapters 20, 21, 22, and 23!

Two of the central ideas of the French Revolution (1789-1799) were that France was a "nation" and that the national government must protect the liberties of citizens.

Exactly what these concepts (the nation and liberty) meant in practice, however, changed as the revolution developed.


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