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People tend to think that it’s a random (and thus fair) way of making trivial decisions, but the game’s simple structure still allows for an element of strategy, making it an unlikely but fitting subject for a worldwide competition.

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but when you delve into it it’s one of the purest forms of competition that two minds can have with each other,” says the professional rock-paper-scissors player Jason Simmons (he goes by the stage name Master Roshambollah).

Simmons, who travels to participate in international RPS tournaments several times a year, started the first American competition in 2001 at Burning Man.

It is a favorite pastime for so many of us, and we always find time to play it.

Drew Daywalt has written the legend for all of us in the Virginia Readers' Choice book The Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

When the Walker brothers founded their website, “Sports were overblown to an almost ridiculous extent—everything was becoming extreme,” Doug says.

“It just seemed ripe for parody.”Rock-paper-scissors isn’t the only nostalgia-fueled “sport” to have its own world championship—there are global competitions for marbles, tetherball, and four square.

“Who doesn’t want to be the world champion at something, no matter how insignificant?

Kids (and adults) love to play Rock, Paper, Scissors.

They came up with convoluted rules and regulations, a fabricated history, and cheekily named strategies about how to win.

They dubbed it the World Rock Paper Scissors Society, not realizing their pet project would turn into what Doug calls “a unique viral experiment.”Over the next 10 years, their site exploded.


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