Roots Reaction Essay

This question has been argued among psychologists for over decades.

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Baron has defined aggression as any form of behavior directed toward the goal of harming or injuring another living being who is motivated to avoid such treatment. Direct aggression can come in the form of hitting, kicking, etc.

Huesmann says aggression is the intentional infliction of some form of harm on others-it is an all-too-common form of social behavior. An example for indirect aggression is, a teacher who is angry with her students may not directly scold them, but slam the door as she leaves.

Sexual jealousy-perception of a threat to a romantic relationship from a rival for one’s partner often plays an important roll in aggression.

Interestingly, recent research suggests that such reactions may often be stronger among women than men.

Exposure to aggressive models(others behaving aggressively) Increases aggression Heightened arousal Increases aggression when arousal is interpreted as provocation or frustration Alcohol Increases aggression in large doses; reduces aggression in very small doses Apologies, explanations for provocative actions Reduce aggression if accepted as sincere Humorous materials Reduces aggression if they induce feelings of amusement Signs of pain on part of victim Increase aggression if aggressor is very angry; reduce aggression if anger is low Type A behavior pattern Increases aggression in many situations Presence of weapons (not used in assault) Increases aggression because of previous association with such behavior (Baron, 1996, p.392) Thus, we could say that many acts of aggression are triggered by the words or deeds of persons with whom the aggressor interacts, or by social conditions generally.

Frustration-interference with goal-directed behavior can facilitate aggression, perhaps because of the negative feelings it generates; but one must understand that frustration is not the only or the strongest determinant of aggression.

Direct provocations from others are important causes of aggression, especially when such actions appear to stem from malevolent intent.

Exposure to media violence (in films etc.) can increase aggression on the part of the viewers. However, the impact of arousal on aggression depends on the complex interplay between emotions and cognitions.

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