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(pg 33) 40,000 years ago something remarkable happened.We appeared to have suddenly taken up painting and sculpture, creating fine art and jewelry.BRAIN RULE #7 = SLEEP Sleep well, think well If you ever get a chance to listen in on a brain while it’s owner is asleep, you will see that the brain is not asleep at all. This is commonly known as the “fight or flight” response. Released in small doses, it wipes out most unpleasant aspects of stress and returns us to normal. (pg 176) And when moderate amounts of hormones build up to large amounts, or when moderate amounts hang around too long, they become quite harmful.

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Our intellectual prowess, from language, to mathematics to art, may have come from the powerful need to predict our neighbor’s psychological state.

(pg 45) BRAIN RULE #3 = WIRING Every brain is wired differently We are hard wired to be flexible!

Most of the events that predict whether something that has been learned will be remembered occur in the first few seconds of learning.

The more elaborately we encode a memory during its initial moments, the stronger it will be.

(pg 130) Great deal of research show that thinking or talking about an event [sic] enhances memory for that event.

(pg 131) If you have only one week to study for a final, better to space out the studying, not attempt to cram it all in.That if you want to create an educational environment that is directly OPPOSED to what the brain is good at doing, you would design something like a classroom.And if you wanted to change things, you might have to tear it down and start over. I list for you here Medina’s BRAIN RULES as well as passages from the book to assist in clarification and understanding! “Physical activity is cognitive candy.” (pg 22) Civilization has had a nasty side effect… Cutting off physical activity to do better on a test score is like trying to gain weight by starving yourself! Exercise gets blood to your brain, bringing it glucose for energy and oxygen to soak up the toxic electrons that are left over.Learning occurs best when new information is incorporated gradually into the memory store rather than when it is jammed in all at once.(pg 133) So why do many classrooms do the exact opposite??Brain Rules 12 Principles for surviving and thriving at work, home and school by John Medina, © 2008 From the beginning: “Though we know precious little about how the brain works, our evolutionary history tells us this: the brain appears to be designed to solve problems related to surviving in an unstable outdoor environment, and to do so in nearly constant motion.” The supporting research for all of Medina’s points must be published in a peer-reviewed journal and then successfully replicated.Said references can all be found at what do most of these studies show?It seems that our great achievements mostly had to do with a nasty change in the weather. The weather change was enough to knock us out of our trees, but it wasn’t enough to kill us when we landed.Yet this change was not too powerful, or too subtle. (pg 36) The net effect of this evolution is that we did not become stronger; we became smarter.(pg 195) One of the greatest predictors of performance in school turns out to be the emotional stability of the home.(pg 183) Kids of all ages who watch parents fight constantly have higher stress hormones in their urine.


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