Russian Coursework A-Level

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This led to labor shortage and less production in factories.

Because of the huge prices of bread, many Russian people were hungry.

You will study the first half of each unit in year 12 and the second half of each unit in year 13 for the A level.

In addition, you will also complete a 3000-3500 word coursework essay at the end of year 12 and hand it in at the beginning of year 13.

He then took away the right to vote from almost all people & used the army to imprison and execute protestors.

He refused to persuade factory owners to modernize their factories. The Second Duma was made up of Social Revolutionaries, and was dissolved four days before it even began, as they weren't loyal to the throne.Most peasants did not want to lose the safety of the commune or to permit outsiders to buy village land, however.By 1914 only about 10 percent of all peasant communes had been dissolved.If you choose to take the A level, you will be studying the first half of each unit (Empire and China) in year 12 and then complete a 3000-3500 word coursework essay on Tsarist Russia in the spring and summer term.The three units you will study are: For this course you will study 2 exam units over the two years.This A Level offers you the chance to explore three ‘superpowers’ of the modern age: Great Britain, Russia and China.This challenging and fascinating course allows you to study the rise and fall of ‘great’ nations, the development and competition between capitalism and communism and the nature of power, empire and imperialism.Economic inflation Prices rose high because all kinds of goods and food became scarce during the war.In general, the price rose by 500 - 700 per cent between 19. The rarity of food and all kinds of goods were due to the facts that; Russia was cut off from outside aid by the blockade of the Central Powers, the transport system was inadequate; the devastation of the wheat-growing Ukraine early in the war, and the factories had to manufacture military goods to meet the needs of the unnaturally large army. By 1917 about fifteen million were recruited, 37% of the male population of working age.


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