Satire Essays About Drinking And Driving

One solution to texting and driving is to just pull over and text what needs to be said.

Yes, this is an inconvenience, but you cannot run off the road or hit someone while sitting still. Regardless, you better get you a good pair of walking shoes. If the answer is yes, then you deserve what you get my friend. You have made a wise decision and maybe, just maybe, you will not ever text and drive again.

In an ideal world, only sober, not tired, happy people are allowed to drive a car.

But alas, there are always self-confident drivers for whom a glass of wine or beer is not a reason for a walk or taxi ordering.

Journalists may show a "new hero" who barely stands on his feet and, besides, tries to aggressively prove own rightness.

The patience of traffic police officers who have to register incidents at such moments can be only envied. The statement of a normal sober-minded person should sound like this: "Sitting behind the wheel in a drunken state is already a crime!And his unpredictable behavior can often bring any actions of other road users, taken in order to avoid an accident to nothing.Therefore, to say that drinking at the wheel is evil means to say nothing.But answering Sally’s text saying Susie is dating Anthony can wait.It is not worth causing a ten car pile, because you were texting and you swerve into oncoming traffic.In turn causing multiple deaths and fiery explosions. ” That just goes to show how focused kids are on texting and driving.Some kids have problems keeping their car on the road. Another reason kids text in drive could be out of boredom.Explain in an “Problems with drinking and driving” essay that a quick reaction to everything that happens on the road is extremely important. Another danger is that it reduces the instinct of self-preservation. Often people find themselves unable to adequately assess the degree of intoxication and overestimate own capabilities.Drunk drivers exceed speed on the road, do not pay attention to traffic lights and signs. If you know for sure that you cannot do without alcohol in a particular situation, it is better not to drive but to take a taxi or use public transport.Thanks to such assignments, young people form a sense of responsibility for own health and the safety of others, the desire to preserve the social order.In this article, we will tell you how to write an excellent work on this topic if you are not ready to give up and buy custom essays online.


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