Scarlet Ibis Thesis Essay

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His reasons for helping Doodle are only for his benefit. He spent his time teaching Doodle to walk because he wanted it to seem like he had a normal brother.

The Narrator's primary motive was to make himself seem normal, not to make his brother feel better about himself.

Doodle could not handle all the activities like running and swimming, though, because of his weak heart.

The Narrator's persistence eventually brought a tragic end to Doodle 's life.

Millions of fans putting their trust into him, having Armstrong play them like fools.

Many children looked up to such an admirable athlete, showing them cheating to win is okay; then repeatedly lying about the actions Armstrong created.Gaining from the ameliorate of ones disability, makes a person seem self-centered or conceited.The Scarlet Ibis, a short story by James Hurst tells the story of two brothers.The older brother is determined to teach Doodle to walk and run before Doodle begins school.As he narrates the story, the older brother shares his embarrassment because he has a handicapped brother. That is one reason Doodle tries so hard when the older brother is teaching him to walk and run. When the parents learn the Doodle can walk and run, they brag on the older brother who has taught Doodle such a feat.This idea of pride, is a central theme in the story.Pride, a feeling of importance, merit, or superiority, can cause both positive and negative consequences.As the parents embrace Brother with the delight of seeing Doodle walk, Brother begins to cry with nothing to say: No doubt, Brother has too much pride.He does what he does for Doodle out of obligation and pride.Moral integrity will destroy the career that took so long to build up.Brothers shame and embarrassment are forces that gave life to Doodle.


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