Self-Assessment Model Essay

Self-Assessment Model Essay-13
Analysing alternative help us to expand pie and when pie is big enough , need to focus on multi – point instead of single point.This helps me to divide pie with a bigger share in my favour.I do research, gather as much information I can regarding product / service , market, other parties strength and weakness , business practice prior to negotiation.

Prior to negotiation, I always do my homework; I believe being well-prepared is the first step before any negotiation. Adequate information about the other parties at the negotiation table, their history, interests, aversions, and possible positions give me the power which comes with knowledge and confidence.

With regards to my negotiation skills, I am always positive when entering a negotiation.

My target is always based on logics and facts, so when it comes to declare target to other party I can logically explain why I am expecting this target.

My weakness before negotiation: When it’s come to weakness, it is difficult for me to identify my own weakness but when ever failure occurs, I do realize that , I need to improve somewhere.

Series of simulated negotiation with different scenario, gave me hands on experience in practice some of the things I learn in work shop and has increased my confident.

With this work shop definitely increase the probability of a successful negotiation for me as and individual.

There are always room for improvement , no matter how good you are at any thing.

Prior to coming to this workshop, I was sure that I need some improvement be a successful negotiator.

In my personal life, people around me believe me that I am a good negotiator/ buyer as “buying research “ is my routine activity.

I have been successful most of the time in negotiating good deal for the things I buy in my personal life.


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