Sexism Essay Conclusion

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From my point of view, yes, media does promote sexism and sexist behaviour.

I say it does promote sexism because women, or to be more specific “women’s bodies” and “specific women body parts” are used to advertise new products.

The adverts on TV are mostly being advertised by women.

And if look at these commercials most of them the women have nothing to do with the product that is being advertised, one of the example is the advert for fruit juice where woman were being splashed with different fruit and fruit juice.

Feminists in Eastern countries have also appealed to the United Nations to enforce women's rights.

In the West, discussion has shifted from legal rights towards attacking prevailing sexist attitudes in society.

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For many years now the media we are exposed to every day has been filled with gender inequality (sexism) even though we might not always notice it.

This kind of discrimination tends to operate in favour of men and against women; however the obverse is not entirely unheard of.

From this we can assume that the term “media sexism” refers to discrimination on the basis of gender that we perceive from day to day in the media.


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