Solving Word Problems With Linear Equations

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We've studied word problems that allow for you to write an equation in slope intercept form.

How do we know when a problem should be solved using an equation written in standard form?

Every word and number shown in the applet is clickable.

Numbers can be increased or decreased depending on whether you click a little to the right or to the left of their vertical center line.

Let x represent the cost of an adult ticket and y represent the cost of a child ticket. If we add the adult tickets and children tickets together, we will have a total.

I know how difficult it is to not only learn the skill, but then to be able to apply the skill.

Play by ear: pay attention to those small modifications that do not distort the of the problem.

As an example, let's start with one of the simplest problems.

// Many formulations are possible for a single problem.

// Only one is shown at a time // e - equation - equation is like a formulation with a // potential provision to, e.g., enclose negative numbers // into parentheses // a - answer - like an equation, but allowed to have a parsable // portion.


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