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In speaker identification, the identity of a speaker is determined by analyzing and comparing the speech of unknown speaker with that of a known speaker.Speaker verification is the process of accepting or rejecting the identity claim of a speaker.During my first year as a Ph D student, I met Honza Černocký, who had supervised Petr Schwarz’s thesis, and I started co-operating with his group fully.

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For many years, law enforcement agencies, lawyers, and judges have used voice forensic authentication to recognize suspects [2].

The identification of a person through speech samples with a forensic quality is challenging.

This resulted in a much larger interest in our group. The idea was to create a company that would cooperate with VUT to integrate technologies into the commercial sector.

It would also create new jobs in our city and, considering what we do, also help those who fight on the right side of the law.

Our approach has shown low equal error rates (EER), within noisy environments and with very short test samples.

In a law court, science and technology are used in investigations to establish forensic evidences [1].

What we managed to do within that one year was almost unbelievable.

And then, in 2003 and still under the auspices of OGI, we first introduced ourselves to the worldwide speech-recognition community.

Thanks to automatization, I also got to speaker voice recognition, which became the topic of my thesis.

I met the Phonexia co-founder Petr thanks to the fact too, as I often needed to consult him about using techniques I wanted to add to mine. The offer of innovative projects, travelling, internships and working abroad was very alluring, in addition to sparing me the one year of military service.


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