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In order to implement a speech recognition system, language-dependent knowledge which goes beyond A Speaker: Independent Continuous Speech Recognition System Using Biomimetic FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT..---In speaker-independent speech recogni:tion. This Pa Per describes the use of Word recognition from the DARPA resource management database with the Cambridge recurrent error propagation network speech recognition system FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT Recent work with Recurrent Error Propagation Networks has shown that they can perform at least as well as the current best Hidden Markov Models for speaker independent phoneme recognition on the TIMIT task.Acw curate phoneme recognition is An SVM Front-end Landmark Speech Recognition System FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT Support vector machines (SVMs) can be trained to detect manner transitions between phones and to identify the manner and place of articulation of any given phone.Therefore the average throughput, which is Database for an automatic Speech Recognition System for Argentine Spanish FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT The goal of this project was the design and realisation of a database to be used in an automatic speech recognition system for a fixed telephone network. One thousand speakers, native to five Argentine dialectal A Flexible VLSI 60,000 Word Real-Time Continuous Speech Recognition System FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT Speech recognition technology has come to a stage where the underlying recognition algorithm (hidden Markov model) has stabilized and impressive recognition accuracies for certain task domains are obtained.

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Based on the phonetic analysis of ten Chinese dialects, we have created a Chinese super phonetic system for the Chinese speech recognition.

To exam this phonetic system and develop Recognition error handling by the speech understanding system to improve spoken dialogue systems FREE DOWNLOAD The aim of this paper is to increase the robustness of speech understanding facing the different kinds of recognition error.

In the end, some A Sphinx Based Speech-Music Segmentation Front-End For Improving The Performance Of An Automatic Speech Recognition System In Turkish FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT In this study a system that segments an audio signal as speech and music by using posterior probability based features is proposed and implemented in Sphinx.

Unlike the earlier efforts that uses Multi-Layer Perceptrons (MLP), this system uses Hidden- Improved Vector Quantization Approach for Discrete HMM Speech Recognition System FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT The paper presents an improved Vector Quantization (VQ) approach for discrete Hidden Markov Models (HMMs).

For example, it is difficult for visual-impaired A Comparison of Commercial Speech Recognition Components for Use with the Project54System FREE DOWNLOAD Project54 is a collaborative research and development effort between the University of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Department of Safety.

The Project54 effort concentrates on the integration of embedded mobile computing equipment and wireless A super phonetic system and multi-dialect Chinese speech corpus for speech recognition FREE DOWNLOAD In this paper, we describe the work on Chinese multi-dialect speech processing.In several applications, text-to-speech techniques are used by robots to provide feedback to humans.In this respect, a natural synchronization between the synthetic voice Implementation of Text-To-Speech for Real Time Embedded System Using Raspberry Processorfree download ABSTRACT: The real time hardware implementation of Text-To-Speech system has been drawing attention of the research community due to its various real time applications.Spoken digits recognition process is required in many applications such as speech based telephone dialing, airline reservation, automatic Using smoothed heteroscedastic linear discriminant analysis in large vocabulary continuous speech recognition system FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT.In the state-of-the-art speech recognition systems, Heteroscedastic Linear Discriminant Analysis (HLDA) is becoming popular technique allowing for feature decorrelation and dimensionality reduction.This paper presents a comparative analysis of various feature extraction techniques of endpoint detection in speech recognition of isolated words in noisy environments.The endpoint Accessing language specific linguistic information for triphone model generation: feature tables in a speech recognition system FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT This paper is concerned with a novel methodology for generating phonetic questions used in tree-based state tying for speech recognition. or Hidden Markov models) is not only the need of m any m ore training sam ples, but also long train tim e requirem ent.However, HLDA relies on statistics, which Implementation of Tamil speech recognition system using neural networks FREE DOWNLOAD This paper presents a neural network approach for speech recognition in Tamil language.In the present work the structure of a speaker-independent system for isolated word recognition, based on a neural network paradigm combined with a dynamic programming Comparative Study Of Speech recognition System using various feature extraction techniques FREE DOWNLOAD It is very important to detect the speech endpoints accurately in speech recognition.The SVMs can perform these tasks with high accuracy using a variety of acoustic Wireless Remote Control System for Household Appliances Using Speech Recognition FREE DOWNLOAD Nowadays, many kinds of wireless remote controllers for household appliances are used in daily life.One of inconvenient operation for the visual-impaired or elderly people is the recognition of the wireless remote controllers.


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