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These visual symbols display important information concerning the number of beats that will be allocated to an individual measure as well as the specific pitches that will be raised or lowered a semitone consistently throughout the piece.

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He received his Bachelor of Music from the University of Arkansas and is pursuing a Master of Music in music technology from New York University.

TASCAM'S latest breakthrough for home recording is the VL-A series, a value-priced lineup of great-sounding reference monitors.

Dynamic markings and expressive lingo can add depth and interest to your music.

Research the terms affiliated with these elements of music notation to add another level of specificity and clarity to your compositions.

Resources such as Oxford Music Online provide additional information concerning note clefs.

(See Resources) Write the rhythmic meter and key signature of the music you will be composing to the right of the note clef.

Many beginning composers make the mistake of writing notes that cannot physically be performed on the instrument for which they are writing.

Ryan Cockerham has written for various websites since 2006, focusing on a variety of subjects ranging from music history and technology to photography and fashion.

Add the correct number of beams or flags to your note heads to indicate the rhythmic value of the note.

Typically, individual notes that do not have any flags attached to their stems are known as quarter notes, while notes with one flag are called eighth notes.


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