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The man apparently conspired with Miss Havisham's half-brother, Arthur, who was in debt and did not like Miss Havisham.

As to Estella, she has always been there, adopted years ago by Miss Havisham.

The lawyer is not there, so Pip waits in his office, a dark, dismal, airless room accented with odd things like an old rusty pistol, a sword in a scabbard, and two casts of swollen faces. Unable to take the oppressiveness, Pip walks around the area, passing through the filth, fat, and foam of the Smithfield markets.

He walks near Newgate Prison where a drunk minister of justice shows him the gallows, and into Bartholomew Close where many people are anxiously waiting for Jaggers.

“Expectations” is very highly recommended and rewarding reading.

‘Serena’: Serena, withered / sits among swollen grape vines / bursting purpose spurts of potency / dreaming of a back seat / in another life / when a migrant hand / plucked the ripeness of her breast / a ravenous traveler / lusting a land of opulence.

He is acquainted with Herbert's father, Matthew Pocket, because Matthew is Miss Havisham's cousin, though the two are not on good terms.

Herbert explains that Miss Havisham was to be married to a fine gentleman who swindled some money from her, and then left her at the altar.

By Midwest Book Review on May 4, 2010 Format: Paperback Written by an accomplished poet, playwright, essayist, and documentary director, “Expectations” is a volume of Gary Becks poetry showcasing his own unique approach to utilizing free form verse to explore how ordinary people in extraordinary times deal with the conflicting demands of their lives.

Penned by a superbly gifted wordsmith, Beck’s poetry is as original as it is memorable.


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