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Hone this skill and you reap the benefits of saving time, making money and finding the next big idea for your business.There are three myths about problem solving that should be shot before we talk about how to become good at it. 1: Problem solving and critical thinking are the same.

While firefighters were our childhood heroes (they still are), there‘s a glaring difference between firemen and us.

While solving problems, firemen set up breakpoints and let some fires burn.

Fact: Intuition is an important part of the process, but research shows that the more systematic problem solver has a better return with accurate and successful solutions. 3: If you come up with a good solution, you’re a good problem solver.

Fact: There are five steps to good problem solving, and you need to follow through on each to be deemed a pro at it. Get them in the habit of always bringing at least one solution idea for every problem you identify.

Using good judgment, they focus on the real problem and come up with permanent solutions. Contrary to the popular myth, Einstein was remarkably intelligent right since childhood.

We, on the other hand…Fire fighting is not exclusive to the corporate world. He built powerful mental models to attack and solve his problems — at work and in personal life.

Don’t look for solutions immediately; keep redefining the problem until you arrive at the root cause.#3.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinkingwe used when we created them.”In his bestselling book Lateral Thinking, Edward de Bono points out that we spend a lot of time measuring how right or wrong a solution is.

Fact: Problem solving is a sub-set of its larger cousin, critical thinking.

Problem solving deals with the immediate issue, and critical thinking is required for long-term strategic issues. 2: Good problem solvers intuitively shoot from the hip.


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