Term Paper On Semiconductor Memories

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The values of ε and ε show a steep decline with increasing frequency and then reach a constant value at high frequency, whereas the increments of M and M with frequency are exponential. log f plot has a strong peak behaviour, especially in the accumulation region.

These experimental results suggested that the Ru 0.03 −PVA interfacial layer could be used as a high dielectric material instead of conventional materials.

The electrical parameters of Au/Ni/Ga N, such as barrier height (Φ b), ideality factor and series resistance have been calculated employing the conventional current-voltage (I-V), Cheung and Chattopadhyay method.

Also, the variation of Gaussian distribution (P (Φ b)) as a function of barrier height (Φ b) has been studied.

Consequently, KNN pellets with different K/Na ratios were sintered to 95% relative density in air and N 2 using a conventional mixed oxide route.

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Oxygen vacancies (V O ••) played a major role in the semi-conduction mechanism in low p(O 2) for all compositions.

Therefore, the modified ((ln I 0 T 2 − q 2 σ 2 s0 2k T 2 =ln (AA *) − q / 0 B0 k T) vs.(1 k T)) relation has been extracted from (I-V) characteristics, where the values of Φ B0 and A * Simul have been found in different temperature ranges.

The obtained results have been compared to the existing experimental data and a good agreement was found.

It is observed that Bi-related phonon modes appear significantly by increasing Bi concentration in the Ga As lattice.

Ga As Bi samples exhibit broadband in spectral range at around 180−230 cm-1 that indicates a disorder-activated TO (DATO) mode.


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