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In one instance, he expressed how he would work hard for poor pay and little recreation time.

In addition, Willy is absolutely convinced that Biff would make a great salesman (just like him), Without taking into account that his son may or may not like the job.

Willy is established at this point that he prefers going back in time and reliving the memories he cherished, as though they were unfolding in real life, and so it is easy to make an inference that indeed, Willy was handsome and that he cannot grasp how age has ravaged his looks.

Also, a peculiar fact is that Willy was lost in what should have been Biff's memory to behold.

Another concrete fact to consider is that Biff hates being a salesman.

Later on in act one, he opens up to Happy how he found did not hold much esteem for all the roles and responsibilities he had in his life.

Willy also projects himself onto his son such that he does not distinguish the fact that Biff has his own life (Corrigan 98-107).

In act one he and Linda is talking bout his drive back from work in the field and then Biff's return from Texas.

Biff was the avenue which he would show the world that Willy Lamon had it all.

A great job charisma a star athlete for a son and soon a businessman.


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