The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems

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In this latest book, Hogg shares her experience in the trenches, responding to questions she has been asked repeatedly by thousands of parents who have sought her out for private consultations, flocked to her book signings, and contacted her via her website (

Here she focuses her renowned baby-whispering energies on solving the most common difficulties -- including feeding issues, sleep troubles, and behavior problems -- and puts together a comprehensive package of specific and targeted strategies.

For Tracy's fans, this book will be a welcome addition to the Hogg library; for readers unfamiliar with her philosophy of care, it will open a new world of understanding and insight.

Tracy Hogg devoted her twenty-five-year career to helping parents understand and communicate with their babies and young children.

A nurse, lactation educator, and newborn consultant, Hogg’s sensible and compassionate philosophy, now translated into more than twenty languages, is known throughout the world.

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Melinda Blau is an award-winning journalist who has written fifteen books and more than 100 magazine articles.Melinda Blau is an award-winning writer specialising in family and health topics.She is the author of seven other books and countless magazine articles and is the mother of two grown-up children.Many people that like focuses on the "Four S" routine, shush-pat and pick up/put down.She insists that these methods will work if given the chance.With this book you too can take advantage of the advice, insights, and parenting techniques from beloved child expert Tracy Hogg.“A problem is nothing more than a situation calling for a creative solution,” she reminds us. Her incredible sensitivity and ability to read infants' cries, coos and assorted baby noises quickly earned Tracy the admiration and gratitude of high-profile couples, including a host of celebrities.The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems provides solutions to hundreds of baby care problems, including the Big Three: sleep, feeding and behaviour, from infancy to the age of 3.A helpful baby whisperer site is : or if it is offline, act=idx The Baby Whisperer also has two other books which have a little bit different information than The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems but also some similar information.


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