The Scarlet Ibis Characterization Essay

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section of the lesson, I will model for students how to make inferences in the text with the first page of "The Scarlet Ibis" because I want to show them what a well-written inference looks like. Then I'll re-read the page out loud and model for them how I inferred something about the narrator.As part of this model, I will remind students that when they are citing evidence and quoting from the text, they must use quotation marks. I will emphasize this because I want them to be able to cite evidence correctly when they discuss literature and write essays in the future.I am hoping that this concrete example might help those that still struggle.

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If they are not sure, I'll clarify that an inference is something that is not directly stated in the text but is implied.

The reader makes an inference based on details from the text.

At this point, based on what I know about my students, I know that there will be some students that will struggle with either the reading of the text or the inferencing, so I spend some time working with them and asking questions that will help them make inferences or find strong evidence.

For example, I could use the following example to get them to understand inferencing a bit better: A student is wearing basketball shoes, a basketball cap, and a jersey. We could infer that he/she likes to play basketball.

As students come in the room, they find the following prompt on the board: What is an inference?

Think about a story you have read recently, what inference can you make about the speaker or a character in the story.

The Ibis has many similarities with one of the main character of the story, Doodle.

Just like father said “It lives in the tropics – South America to Florida.

Doodle also overcame many problems he faced during the story and was also put through a lot of situations where he had to overexert himself in order to satisfy Brother’s necessities.

Both boy and bird died in a tragic way, “alone” and after being put through more than they could resist.


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