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New Criticism of Cry, the Beloved Country Cry, the Beloved Country, by Alan Paton can be effectively analyzed using the theory of New Criticism.

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No 1 general-discussion-by-jeremy-aug-2018 Freedom Essay 61 Freedom Essay 61 | General Discussion by Jeremy August 2018 In this seminal discussion, biologist Jeremy Griffith presents his ‘grand summary of our project’ General Discussion by Jeremy Griffith in August 2018 In this seminal discussion, biologist Jeremy Griffith presents his ‘grand summary of our project’ WTM-FE61-General-discussion-by-jeremy-aug-2018 false single No Freedom Essay 61 – General discussion by Jeremy August 2018 In this seminal discussion, biologist Jeremy Griffith presents his ‘grand summary of our project’ : Welcome everybody, and welcome some of our members from our World Transformation Movement Centres from overseas.

I now just want to do a grand summary of our project.

It’s obvious that what caused us to be competitive, aggressive and selfish was this battle that emerged between our original instinctive state and our conscious mind.

To quickly describe how that would happen, I’ll use an example of an instinct, like a chook sitting on its eggs to get them to hatch.

Our ancestors were actually gentle, peaceful and loving like that first image portrays.

So that’s a little cameo description of Darwin saying our ancestors were cooperative and loving and that we have moral instincts, and then we became increasingly upset, and eventually we ended up like Basquiat’s painting [and Bacon’s below], which is us today. Since this is a biological treatise that we’re talking about here, the second video in this series deals with that ‘savage animal instincts’ excuse right up-front, that, sure, we’ve used that excuse for why we’re brutal savages, but that is false minutes long, explains that the reason for the human condition is this conflict between our original instincts and our newer conscious mind.Another theme is that each character is propelled by his/her own journey or search.Stephen Kumalo comes to Johannesburg to search for his ailing sister, missing son and a friend’s daughter.Through natural selection they’ve learnt not to fly across the Sahara Desert because all those that had an instinctive make-up to fly across the Sahara obviously got frizzled, it was too far.So now they’re all perfectly instinctively orientated where to fly and where not to fly, but again, they don’t understand anything.Absalom admits his guilt and writes letter to his family.Something he has never done and his wife happily takes up the responsibility of raising Gretchen’s baby and is enthralled about being part of the Kumalo family.If there was a genetic make-up that inclined the chook to get off its eggs before days until they hatch.It’s not understanding, chooks don’t understand that they’ve got to sit there, they don’t even know what’s inside the egg, they’ve got no knowledge, they’re as thick as bricks if you’ve ever tried to talk to a chook!In this book the central thematic issue is separation and segregation, that there will always be major problems in society when race or skin color segregates people.This central theme can be seen in every place the characters travel and also in their daily activities.


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