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It might be useful to think of Boxes as “living HTML.” HTML that’s manually written in a file is dead. But HTML that exists as a code object that can be manipulated and deployed wherever you want?It’s —you can edit it, move it around, and even enhance it over time.

This is perhaps the greatest shortcoming of the Word Press platform.In reality, Boxes are the perfect way to deliver —simply having options appear in an interface—isn’t the full picture.A complete system must also process, save, and retrieve options as needed.And by extension, the solution to this problem is also one of the most important aspects of Thesis.The best way to think about the Thesis Options API is to consider it a translator for Word Press.And perhaps even better, it removes the need to slog through code and tutorials to figure out how to talk to this or that part of the Word Press Admin.While the Thesis Options API is massively useful, it only covers part of the process.Because of this repetition, attempting to change one thing in a Theme often necessitates changes to many different templates.This is inefficient, and it’s also grossly technical because it requires customizers to manually edit template files.Note: We do not sell Thesis directly, but you’ll be happy to know that Thesis technology is included in the Focus Word Press Theme.In the following sections, we’ll take a tour of what Thesis can do, and then we’ll examine how all this stuff fits together to become the ultimate enhancement for any Word Press website.


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