Thesis Defense Development

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The previous Dissertation Research Council on the Higher Attestation Commission will continue its work until August 31st, 2018, and afterward will cease operations.

The NUST MISIS United Dissertation Research Council will perform functions that are currently carried out by the Russian Federation Higher Attestation Commission and the Russian Ministry of Science & Education.

In order to give an opinion on the possibility of awarding a degree, the Commission members evaluate the applicant`s thesis and their responses to questions and comments from the thesis reviews.

The NUST MISIS United Dissertation Research Council will make the final decision.

The requirements for the availability of publications in the Higher Attestation Commission publication list will remain at the same level.

You’ve written the defining work of your academic career – and now it’s time to defend it.

In study two I investigate how the act of preordering or crowdfunding affects a consumer’s commitment to the new product, and how this commitment is affected when the product launch is unexpectedly delayed due to development issues.

In the final study I extend on the findings in study two and go beyond mere attitudinal commitment by investigating how the act of preordering and crowdfunding affects consumer risk aversion when making actual purchase decisions and make a comparison.

With that in mind, here are eight of the top things to do when preparing for your dissertation defense – from the beginning of your program to the day of your defense.

Attend other people’s defenses: Within the first year or two of your program, start attending the dissertation defenses of other students.


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