Thesis Sahib - Loved Ones

Thesis Sahib - Loved Ones-51
iii Preface The following dissertation presents independent and original research by myself, the author, Kamal Arora, who carried out all aspects of the research program: design, ethics, conducting fieldwork, analysis and presentation of results.

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Thesis Sahib - Loved Ones

The memory of the 1984 violence figures heavily among the Sikh diaspora.

I discuss how violence can have long-term ramifications for everyday life in arenas such as kinship networks, economic stability, health and wellness, and social life.

These experiences are further amplified by gender, caste, and class.

I also examine the impact of the stigma of widowhood in this community.

This research seeks to interrogate how memories of violence inform, and are constituted by, embodied, affective practices carried out in a gendered space produced by the state.


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