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But they were just the ticket for busy youth pastors who could hand them to intellectually anxious kids (like myself) to brush aside their doubts..A video series on VHS quickly followed, which youth pastors could show to their youth groups.Mc Dowell assured his young audiences that they could look forward to pleasure and “recreational sex” as long as they didn’t screw it up by fornicating.

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We’d garbled the gospel until it sounded like purity pledges and elevator pitch testimonies. It didn’t take me long to realize having sex outside of marriage wasn’t actually the very worst thing a person could do. Knowing that I was pretending to be something I wasn’t did. Maybe if we hadn’t signed those cards and stood at the front of the sanctuary it wouldn’t have hurt anyone.

Because how can you stand in the presence of God knowing that you’ve broken a promise to him?

Her experiences were shared among those she interviewed.

A number also found it difficult to disentangle the shame attached to sexual pleasure after they were married.

I’d asked him about it, but it didn’t sound like he wanted to participate. I was closer to her than any other adult in our congregation. “Teenagers make mistakes sometimes and I don’t want them to feel like it’s the end of the world if they do,” she said.

She didn’t think the abstinence pledge was a good idea.

As his story goes, Mc Dowell had set out to prove Christianity false and in the process found it so convincing he became a Christian.

He went on to sell thousands of copies of popular 1970s “apologetics” books such as , which were not all that original or intellectually sophisticated.

Whether in his videos, or on stage with Petra, Mc Dowell, who turned 50 in 1989, had the persona of a kindly, sweater-wearing father who could blend dad jokes with “straight-talk” about sex organs and venereal disease. ” message was more holistic than simply delaying gratification.

But I suspect most testosterone-driven young men—guilt-ridden from fantasizing and masturbation as they were—fixated on the implied message that sexual hedonism might one-day reward those who could suppress the urge for it in the present.


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