Type A Vs Type B Personality Essay

However, world health organisation (1992) defines behaviours syndrome as a different between people or individual in organisation.

Although, the syndromes that assess the stress levels are frontal lobe syndromes that follow skull shock which adequately split in the direction of losing consciousness that include a number of different symptoms such as annoyance, vertigo, (normally lack the characteristic of true dizziness), tiredness, bad temper, and complexity.

According to Schill (2008) argue that, the type B personality loves social gathering, meeting with people, trek and be part of the groups and is often the centre of concentration.

They love enthusiasm and are often impatient and difficult because of being a fattening type of personality.

Furthermore, evaluate type A personality and B personality and also discuss how the stress levels would differ amongst the two types of personality.

It would also analyse the factors and trait of the personality and suggest reasons on how these factors relate to levels of stress taken upon an individual in organisation.In order to evaluate the research conducted by Friedman and Rosenman, it is important to understand the relationship between personality and health.In a study of health and illness by Bury (2005), health is an incredible riddle and hard to define but simple to spot.In contrast, personality has been long considering major intermediary/moderator of stress in organisational behaviour (Antoniou and Cooper, 2005).In addition, stress is a prototype of emotional states and physiological reaction taking place in response to difficulty from within or outer surface of organisation (Blonna, 2010).However, not only the type A personality is impatient but also type B personality.In addition, some persons can be both type A and B at the same time, it is irrelevant whether type A and B are related, what matters is that one person can become both type of personality.However, in management of health promotion and developing healthy organisation and community written by Simnett (1995) says that health approval is sunshade expression for a very wide range of performances that improve good health and well-being and put a stop to ill health.On the other hand, personality is define as psychologies with the aim of recognizing the uniqueness in human characters and understanding people’s differences in organisation (Buchannan and Huczynski, 2010).In disagreeing with Friedman and Rosenman theories which suggest that Type B personality cannot easily get annoy and also that type A personality were three times more likely to suffer heart disease than type B, not all the type A persons suffer heart disease.For example, most people are type B, but they are not competitive, stressful, worried and hard to annoy, but have heart disease due to smoking or drinking alcohol or accident.


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