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Please contact Abby Fite at [email protected] 412-383-3427 if you have any questions regarding ETDs or any general graduation questions.

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All ETD authors must submit the ETD Approval Form (PDF) to their ETD Student Services staff in their school.

The ETD Patent Form (PDF) is only for those requesting their ETDs be withheld for patent purposes.

As the copyright owner, you have the legal right to enforce claims against infringers.

At the same time, you also have the privilege of allowing uses.

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Ph D's must publish their announcement 1 month prior to defense date and masters students must publish their announcement 2 weeks prior to their defense date.Copyright law protects “original” works that are “fixed” in some medium—for example, written on paper, stored on a computer drive, sculpted in clay, or recorded on tape or other media.You wrote your dissertation, using your original words or other expression. It would be a rare and unusual dissertation that is not protected. Copyright Office or even put a copyright notice on the dissertation. Those procedures and formalities may be a good idea, but they are not required for copyright protection.Fulfilling all of your academic requirements is only one part of what is necessary to graduate from the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences.You must also complete all of the required applications and forms.All of the forms, applications, and required paperwork can be downloaded from this site using the links below.Please read all of these materials carefully to ensure that you are in full compliance with all rules and regulations.To determine whether an item is in the public domain, read our guide on Public Domain Materials, and use the Digital Copyright Slider tool to help.While you do not need permission to re-use material that is in the Public Domain, it is still a good idea to cite your source.As the copyright owner, you get to make those decisions.But if you give away your copyright—as some publication agreements require—you can lose all of those opportunities and privileges.


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