Value Of Literature Essay

This made me value Huck’s adventure and take it as my own.

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”(Twain 225) In William Faulkner’s Barn Burning it told of a man named Abner Snopes who burned barns when upset or mad. “Barn Burning” to me is based on misdirected anger. For example, a teenager and his parents have it out, he leaves, and now his anger is directed toward anything in his pathway.

“Barn Burning” has a value in that it shows in life that people actually misdirect their anger.

In “The Swimmer”, it made me value life and what it brings.

Because if your not careful or you do not watch out it will past you up without notice.

However, the overall trend for essays is to emphasise the information, whereas for literature reviews the trend is to emphasise the authors.

Literature can have many and different values on a person.It is all depending on the story and the value or moral issue the author wants, you, the reader to get out of it.The value literature had on me was actually hard to put into words.But to understand the value of literature you must know the definition of value and literature.Value has many meanings but there is two that relate.Literature has made me value a lot of experiences and situations; I did not know about until I read all of the short stories by various authors with different styles and views of things.It is weird how the literature that has been written in the past still has an influence on what happenings in today’s society.We can reiterate the same ideas, values, and morals into what is going on today.Critics have been discussing from very early times about the function or functions of literature.Though they differ among themselves regarding the other functions of literature, they are all agreed on one point—that the main function of literature is to entertain the readers, or, in other words, to give them pleasure.Longinus was the first critic to lay down his thesis that loftiness or sublimity in literature has its end-ecstasy, transport, ‘lifting out of onself”.


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