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The inculcation of self-restraint, co-operative work, and moderation was highly emphasized in various stages of socialization as well as on various occasions of religious festivals.In order to develop self-discipline, the future priest endured a long period of continence and abstinence, and, to develop a sense of loyalty to community, he engaged in group labour." In Manipur, the stories of Mahabharata and Ramayana, the great epics of ancient India, used to be narrated in religious festivals, Swasthi Puja on the birth of a child and continuously for a month in the localities during the month of Mera(September-October).

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Great respect for teachers is demonstrated by the Pandavs towards their Guru Dronacharya.

Commitment to duty as prescribed by caste, protection of dharma and fight against injustice, downfall of Duryodhana on account of his arrogance and selfishness, disrespect of woman like Draupadi by disrobing her in front of King and others and consequence of such acts are narrated with great gestures by story tellers in those days.

In a joint family, grandparents become friends of grandsons/granddaughters.

By telling folk tales of Manipur, especially in the past when there used to be Funga(fireplace for enjoying warmth and stories), grandparents used to transmit moral lessons to the children.

Social norms, indeed, cover everything and anything we do publicly or privately.

These norms are inculcated right from birth onwards.

Imbibing moral lessons should start early in life as the children are more impressionable at younger age.

Even if there is no separate books on moral education, the teachers will have to identify the good and bad qualities in the characters and try to persuade children to emulate the good qualities.

It is learnt that Catholic schools have lessons on moral education.

That is good even if moral values are hidden in religious stories.


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