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“One of the quickest ways of making work meaningless is doing something that’s futile,” he says, which is what it feels like to stand by a poster no wants to talk about.

“It’s almost like you’d have a better experience if you had 50 people yelling at you and saying it’s a bad paper,” he joked (since if people criticize you they likely, at least, have read your work).

In March, he posted the video on You Tube, with a link underneath pointing to a webpage where anyone can download his poster template. Eugene Ofosu, a social psychology graduate student at Mc Gill University, presented a research poster at the 2019 Mental Health and Law Conference using Morrison’s template. “They said, ‘You’re turning science into a meme,” said Morrison. Morrison has already incorporated some of those changes in a new version of template.

In fact, he has been releasing new updates frequently, as if the template was a piece of software needing regular improvements.

Reach out to the journal editor if you need help finding this information.

The Altmetric bookmarklet compiles press and social media mentions for recently published articles. Then, click the button when you’ve navigated to a journal article of interest to see the Altmetric data.So Morrison designed a splashy social-media rollout of his template. “Watch this cartoon to see a new, faster approach to designing research posters. #betterposter.” Since then the tweet, and the video, have gone viral, with more than 3,000 retweets and 200,000 video views. ”Use of the template appears to be spreading from discipline to discipline with each new conference.He spent a year—in his spare time on nights and weekends—producing a 20-minute animated video explaining the problem with research posters and why people should try his idea. Just weeks after he released his design, a researcher in Canada became one of the first to try it out. In Twitter and You Tube comments, some researchers said Morrison was dumbing down the science and missing the point of poster presentations, which they say is to show all the work on the board so that peers can have a conversation at the conference about all the fine points. A blog about the design of scientific posters (yes, there are blogs devoted to this) offered some detailed suggestions for small modifications to the design.This tool allows you to track online conversations about your research and engage with your audience. Google Scholar conveniently tracks citations for journal articles.You can search for your article by entering your name, affiliation, and other search criteria on the My Citations page.Despite his eagerness, few people stopped to talk to him.Ironically, he was presenting research on what makes work meaningful to people.Specifically, he created a poster template that skips the dense academic title of the project and replaces it with the main research finding, stated in plain English and printed in a giant font that can be read clearly even from several feet away.The design still includes a few charts and bullet points about the methods, but there’s also plenty of empty space. To make up for all the nuance and detail lost in this approach, the template includes a QR code that viewers can scan to get to the full research paper.There are a number of ways to find out if your paper is gaining traction, and a good place to start is your journal’s website.Your journal may provide the number of article views and downloads directly on your article page.


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