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This of course couldn't be further from the truth: in games scored by the rally point system, both teammates end up alternating serving responsibilities at certain times throughout the game.

For more on this, rally point scoring rules and a rally point scoring diagram have been provided above. Do your players find the system to be much simpler than the traditional (hand-out) scoring system?

scoring system (known as "hand-out" or "side-out" scoring) is used persistently in the sport of pickleball and is inherently confusing and sometimes difficult for beginning players to learn.

Even popular pickleball websites readily acknowledge that three-number scores are troublesome and regularly offer advice on how to cope with these complications.

Although not widely acknowledged, attentive pickleball players do understand that this sport's insistence on calling three-number scores rather than two-number scores followed by the server-phrase can and does result in scoring confusion. Consequently, people choosing to score pickleball games using the rally point system will never be found wearing colourful wristbands unless, of course, they are using those wristbands to fashionably control sweat.

A misconception common to pickleball players who may be considering the transition from traditional scoring to rally point scoring is that somehow rally point scoring offers only one player on a team the opportunity to serve for the duration of a particular game.In other words, it is possible that the racquet and paddle backgrounds of those organizing and playing the sport are limited to pickleball.Although such a scenario is doubtful, it would mean that pickleball players do not typically migrate to their sport from other racquet and paddle sports.In fact, pickleball players have been known to boast that the three-number-scores that are peculiar to their sport happen to distinguish it from all other racquet and paddle sports.What is largely unrecognized by these players, however, is that three-number-scores provide an opportunity for confusion not found in scoring systems of other sports.Players attending the first Pickleball OSC event came from an assortment of other clubs but despite their traditional scoring backgrounds these open-minded individuals easily transitioned to rally point scoring and never looked back.Pickleball OSC players have discovered that: doesn't mean that we think the game is seriously flawed.On the other hand, the converse may well be true: the majority of pickleball players and organizers do have broad racquet and paddle backgrounds and, consequently, this group of people is well aware of the positive attributes of the rally point scoring system.If this scenario is correct, the continued resistance to the adoption of this scoring system is, at the very least, puzzling.Specifically, when reporting the score in this manner (where the server calls "two-three-two", for example), if the server mumbles over the first number ().Furthermore, because the receiving team may be conciliatory, players on the receiving team might choose to carry on with that rally assuming that the server simply neglected to call the server-number (which is, of course, not the case in this example: the server actually called the score by inaudibly mumbling "two" then clearly calling "three" followed by clearly calling the server number "two").


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