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However, non-permanent markers use water-soluble ink. This makes these universal pens particularly excellent for all uses where the ink on a surface needs to be smudge-proof but shouldn’t be permanent, for instance overhead markers for overhead projector transparencies.These correctable pens can be removed from smooth surfaces at any time without leaving any residue.Additionally, the colours in these waterproof markers are light-resistant and retain their brilliant colour for a long time.

This applies to non-permanent overhead markers and whiteboard markers, for instance.

Permanent universal pens with waterproof ink are an ideal choice for use outdoors, and offer brilliant colours as well.

They also adhere optimally to surfaces with special coatings.

That’s why opticians who need to mark nano-coated glasses opt for our “permanent special” pens in particular.

Weatherproof black permanent markers are light-resistant, guaranteeing that their writing remains legible for years despite wind and weather or strong sunlight.

For instance, they are particularly excellent for writing on flowerpots or plant tags.This makes them an optimal choice for use with overhead projectors.They are a practical option, not just because of their quick-drying ink, but also because they are correctable with or without liquid and can be wiped off without residue whenever you want.There are situations where you need pens for very special purposes: whether it’s writing on laundry labels, putting the right plant names on flowerpots in the garden or making sure the right artist’s name ends up on the CD you burned at home.This calls for pens with particular properties and ink that adheres well to special surfaces, whether it’s paper, wood or glass.This will let you easily keep an eye on everything you have planted.Special offer universal pens are ideal for use as CD pens, or for DVDs and Blu-rays.For universal pens to fully satisfy all these requirements and deliver impressive results on nearly any surface, they need to offer exceptionally high standards in quality, durability and reliability.This is the case for STAEDTLER pens from the Lumocolor range.A concept note is a summary of a proposal containing a brief description of the idea of the project and the objectives to be pursued.In some financing programs, funding agencies require a concept note before the submission of a full proposal, in order to decide whether the proposed project is in line with the priorities of the program and to eliminate proposals that are not likely to be funded.


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