Ways To Explain A Quote In An Essay

Ways To Explain A Quote In An Essay-37
It is there for artistic or inspirational purposes.You may find a similar technique used in magazine articles.

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Every time I catch a game on television and I witness the thrill of the game, I can’t help but watch another one.

Quotation Hook A quotation hook is when a quote is used and explained that has relevance to the topic at hand. Also, talk about the quote’s meaning afterwards to ensure that the reader isn’t confused.

Students often turn to sources such as Brainy for their quotes. Each person has a logical connection to the facts or events you are describing.

This can be a good way to track down who made a particular statement. But your reader won’t know that unless you provide the connection.

A few important words are lifted from the body of the article.

They are reproduced in larger print, often in a different color or font.

The source may have a title that establishes his or her authority: president, dean, detective, officer, director. But more than likely you’ll need to show the person’s sphere of influence. If you decide to use one of these personal sources, treat it as an interview and cite it accordingly.

Making the quotation flow with the rest of your essay can be a challenge.

Read any newspaper article and you’ll see this principle in action. Just a word or two may be enough to identify your source’s qualifications: Miles Harrington, Ph. Has your cousin provided security in the White House?

The reporter on the beat isn’t interviewing famous people—unless they’ve done something newsworthy. Do any of these accomplishments relate to the subject you’re writing about?


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