Welding Business Plan

That is the beautiful thing about working for small machine shops.

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This article doesn’t cover every responsibility you could face as a self-employed welder, but it does list some of the important ones. Proper planning can help ensure it’s also a promising one.

First, find 5 to 10 machine shops that are pretty much 2 or 3 man operations.

Eventually you will have enough work where you will have to shut down work on a good paying job in order to do a small "walk in" type job.

You will be losing money to pull off of the high paying job to do a small job for someone unless you set the 30 dollar minimum. Most of that comes with experience but here are some tips; I like to take on jobs that are labor only.

For example for 6 inch schedule 40 pipe, it might take 3 passes. For example, some stainless steel parts might require shielding gas on the back side thereby slowing you down a bit and costing you more on Argon.

For a great Tig Welder, my advice would be shop Ebay for a good used Miller Syncrowave 250.One of the biggest stumbling blocks for starting a welding business is how to price jobs. Something Like around 30 bucks even for a 5 minute job.Maybe even Make a big sign that states MINIMUM FEE FOR A JOB IS 30 BUCKS NO MATTER WHAT. You need something to cull out nuisance jobs like cracked decks on a 50 dollar lawn mower for your brother in law.Running your own business—even if it’s a one-person operation—comes with responsibilities welding employees typically wouldn’t have to deal with.Self-employed welders often work as independent contractors.If you get involved with any food beverage stainless steel work, you will need a stainless steel table, You can get one at Sams.Here are some more random but valuable tips for starting a welding business: Tig rods…you need a few pounds each of E70S2 mild steel rod, ER308 stainless steel rod, and 4043 aluminum rod. You might even want to have some .030” stainless on hand for precision.Some carts were beyond repair, so he got to use those for parts. Many public school desks have wire baskets to hold books under the seat and that stuff breaks and leaves exposed rod that actually poses a hazard.Ever thought about approaching the school board in you area to work a deal to fix the broken rods on desks?I believe they are the best value out there and one of the best tig/stick welders made.For a Great Mig welder, Again…shop Ebay for a used Millermatic 250 or 251. But if you find one that is like new for 00, thats not a bad deal either.1/05/12 update**** I just got hold of a brand new Hobart Iron Man 230 along with spool gun.


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