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Both methods can be used to test hypotheses by carrying out investigations with groups of participants, but they achieve that in different ways. For instance, the researcher may give out surveys to a large number of participants and then analyze the data from their answers by looking for patterns and correlations among different variables.In these studies, numerical data are analyzed using various statistical methods, and the researcher may not have to ever talk to any participants face-to-face.

This is where you make it clear that your study relies on qualitative research methods. It can be tempting to keep this part a secret until the reader gets to the end (why give everything away, you may be thinking?

Again, don't go into as much detail as you will later in the methodology section. ), but remember, you’re not writing a work of fiction. They want an overview of what to expect in the conclusion and how you got there.

There is a previous question about writing introductions (How to write a Ph. The introduction should start with what you do in this paper, the major contribution.

You must explain that contribution so that people can understand it.

Don’t just state your conclusion: “My results show that the pecking-order theory is rejected.” Give the fact behind that result.

“In a regression of x on y, controlling for z, the coefficient is q.” The first sentence is the hardest.

When conducting qualitative research, the researcher often relies on a smaller group of participants, often conducts individual interviews with them and is interested in hearing their perspectives.

The goal of a qualitative study isn't to find wide generalizations but to identify and analyze specific examples of a certain phenomenon and consider its possible implications.

Do not start with philosophy, “Financial economists have long wondered if markets are efficient.” Do not start with “The finance literature has long been interested in x.” Your paper must be interesting on its own, and not just because lots of other people wasted space on the subject.

Do not start with a long motivation of how important the issue is to public policy.


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