Where Does The Annotated Bibliography Go In A Research Paper

As this article is entirely research-based, it is written from a fact-based point of view, and contains no opinion, or biased angle.

Both authors of this paper are affiliated with an academic institute in Milan, Italy.

Also importantly, this article is based on empirical research carried out, with the chosen methodology clearly explained.

The authors do mention a particular limitation of this study - that the online forums used by participants of the study were generated for limited duration, with limited participants.

It would be interesting to hear if the findings of this study would hold true in a more "natural" or authentic online peer-support community.

Now you are ready to go write your annotated bibliography!

Be sure to refer back to the post about finding good academic sources; the better sources you find, the easier it will be to write a great annotated bibliography and a great research paper.For example, if the author was a black abolitionist preacher during the Civil War era, you are going to read the source differently than if it was written by a 20th-century historian. She also describes the involvement of her pastor uncle in both the abolition and temperance movements.Why is this source going to help you with this paper? If your professor does not specify the number of sources required for the annotated bibliography, then you want to aim for about 20% more than would be required or expected for the paper.First, you need to include the full citation for the source, properly formatted in the correct style for your discipline (such as Turabian/Chicago style, APA, MLA, etc.). You will want to categorize the source as a primary or secondary source.This is especially important if your professor requires a certain number of primary sources for the assignment. This article describes a research project exploring the appropriateness of online forums for cancer patients and various caregivers to communicate and build a network base.It has particular use, as it discusses the role of online forums from the perspective of patients.If you aren’t sure whether a source is a primary source or a secondary source, see my post about the difference between primary and secondary sources.There are a few ways you can do this in your annotated bibliography.This seems to be the case in the next source, which did indeed conduct analysis of a pre-existing online forum.The findings appear to be somewhat similar to this study.


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