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He goes further to illustrate that a human nature demonstrates immense vulnerability to such an attack.Ubiquitous commercials lead us to desire to have things we never tried before, to see things not worth seeing, to buy stuff we do not need.This has led to the reversed roles between the parents and children.

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It is a family lost in a world of confusion and "white noise," and, especially, in the material things of modern consumerism.

God and all spiritual hope have disappeared for all intents and.....the drug Soma and Orgy Porgy (Huxley, 1932, p.12) as means to remain willingly oblivious of the true state of affairs.

Television serves as a type of new collective unconscious that creates an inner frame of reference to which the mind unconsciously turns. As a whole, the family members can not handle their emotions and are unable to think for themselves. This has led to a devaluing of other values such as freedom, customer choice and respect for shoppers.

De Lillo illustrates how the current world of commerce impacts our minds by manipulating our decisions.

The main character is Jack who narrates the story in an easy paced descriptive way, whereas the tone in the story Brave New World is much dramatic and the narrator is not......

English An Intuitive Scrutiny of the White Noise The White Noise is a novel written by Don Delillo 326).In another incident, Jack, in a bid to regain his “lost” authority, takes his whole family to the Mid-Village Mall.They spent hours there, and it is the only time in the whole novel where the members of the family appear to be having a good time. Jack later admits, “My family gloried in the event.” Jack surrenders to true shopping fever ...?De Lillo focuses our attention on how the food on the table has been packaged: crumpled tinfoil, open cartons, bowl of past substances covered with plastic wrap, flip-to rings and twist ties and shiny bags of potato chips (De Lillo 7).Babette, Jack’s current wife, is a typical example of someone who gets attracted to shiny packages with bold, visible fonts, promising the good taste of the products.Novel Characters The male protagonist in the novel is Jack Gladney who is founder and a professor of Hitler studies at the educational institution named College-on-the-Hill (Delillo 1-326). But only human beings received the burden of consciousness, of awareness, and, consequently, fear of death.What differentiates us from other creatures on this planet is our knowledge of this unavoidable death.Jack even refers to family as the “cradle of the world’s misinformation” (De Lillo 81).In White Noise, De Lillo shows how technology is changing the inner experience of human beings, through waves and radiation. At one point, Jack says, “His skin was a color that I want to call, flesh-toned.” We are moving toward a postmodern mentality....The glimpses of the character that are highlighted in the plot are lovesick, angry and jealous.But his character is not shown as hero instead it draws the reader’s attention as more human traits are seen, as he craves for those things which he cannot have. A narrative style has been adopted by the author Don De Lillo.


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