Why Are Critical Thinking Skills Important

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The potential for breakthroughs is being deliberately limited to incremental contributions from researchers who are forced to worry more about job security and pleasing their paymasters than about making a significant contribution to their field.So what lead the researchers to their love of science and scientific research in the first place? The more that academic research becomes governed by policies outside of the research process, the less opportunity there will be for researchers to exercise such skills.

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There are also allegations of abuses of power that sometimes surface in elections.

The Secretary of State of Georgia who ran for the office of governor during the midterm elections, was accused of having millions of people purged from the voter rolls and of using other tactics in an effort to ensure a win.

True research demands new ideas, perspectives, and arguments based on willingness and confidence to revisit and directly challenge existing schools of thought and established positions on theories and accepted codes of practice.

Success comes from a recursive approach to the research question with an iterative refinement based on constant reflection and revision.

Getting people to the polls is one of the most important objectives during elections, and people must be lured to carry out their civic duty.

Many people, especially African Americans, have lost their lives and livelihoods in a quest to vote.Academic journals value citation above all else, and so content is steered towards the type of articles that will achieve high citation volume.As such, students and researchers will perpetuate such misuse by ensuring that their papers include only highly cited works.And the objective of high citation volume is achieved.We expand the body of knowledge in any field by challenging the status quo.Politicians are notorious for using negative ads or just downright lying in order to influence people to vote for them and their causes.The reason negative ads are so effective has to do with EMOTIONS, and emotion determines the direction that the mind takes.In addition, certain states have gone out of their way to enact laws that suppress the vote among certain populations.African Americans, for instance, have faced many barriers in this regard.Yet, in modern times, it is very difficult to convince people that their vote counts.Imagine millions of people saying “My vote doesn’t count” and you begin to see the problem.


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