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This article offers a few suggestions for ways to cut extra words out of your manuscripts.Although many online journals do not restrict the length of papers, a number of journals still have word or page limits, and it's sometimes tough to meet them.The first sentence or two of your first paragraph set the tone for the entire piece.

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This paper better be formatted in a particular way! Your profs aren’t trying to bust your chops (they do, in fact, have other things to do than make you miserable)—they’re trying to streamline the grading process.

Also, watch for specific requests about format changes and due dates. These are no-nonsense statements/compromises that the prof needs you to abide. Imagine you have 75 papers to grade written by your 75 students.

So, here it is, step-by-step: Now, let’s take a look at a sample assignment.

Say you have to write a paper for your Linguistics class.

We hope that this tip gives you some additional ideas for keeping your text as concise as possible.

If you have questions about a specific term or sentence, write us an email.

While it is important to be concise and direct in your opening paragraph, and in fact you may even choose this "cold water" approach if it fits your essay's purpose, there is much to be said for keeping your reader interested by easing them into your main point.

An introduction should hook, or engage, readers and give them some insight into where you'll take them.

Let’s take it section by section, one directive at a time. Go through and find the concepts the prof wants you to cover in the paper. Lord love ‘em, but professors are notorious for giving more information than necessary or saying more than what needs saying, so do your best to boil the assignment down to the essentials with your highlighter: Take note, these macro concepts are often suggestions, not commands. These are the items that must be included in the paper for you to get a good grade.

They are the prof telling you how to be impressive, clear, or to raise your grade through a demonstration of your wits and knowledge. Usually they are very specific: Clearly, if your paper uses first-person pronouns, it will irk the person giving you the grade—probably best to stay away from that.


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