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It is important to ensure that every character in your narrative essay contributes to the overall plot.

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The central core of the narrative essay is, of course, the story itself.

It is important that you tell your story in a way that is compelling to other people.

This is because the narrative essay, still being a form of essay, is non-fictional.

That is, the writer is generally expected to write about an experience that actually happened.

A narrative essay is not like many other forms of essays in that it relies far more on imagination than reason.

In this sense, for example, a narrative essay is quite different from an argumentative or persuasive essay.Narrative essentially means , and the fundamental purpose of a narrative essay is to tell a story to the reader.You, the writer, must come up with an idea for the story, and then you must write it in vivid and captivating terms.People have been telling and writing stories for a long time, and there are some key elements that have been built up around the concept of narrative.One of the main elements that is worth discussing here is the narrative arc.Character refers to the people who are part of your story.In general, there is one main character and a few to several supporting characters.This can persuade people to want to see the world you see it (because they find it intriguing and/or beautiful), and it can also inspire them to be more passionate and creative in the way that they experience their own lives.The narrative essay is a vehicle for sharing the world according to you with others.In general, people bond by telling each other stories, and it is through listening to stories that people develop empathy for each other and learn to see the world through another person's eyes.In fact, according to one study reported in , it was found that reading literature helped subjects develop stronger empathy and the ability to read the emotional states of others in real life.


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