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When you’re applying to competitive colleges, you need something that sets you apart from other applicants.This might be a special skill, an interesting characteristic, a unique experience, or even a circumstance beyond your control.It’s also a good idea to think about particular experiences and anecdotes to illustrate the activity. Perhaps it transports you to a beach or some other calm setting.

One way to express this is through a personal metaphor in your essay.

If you can come up with a defining metaphor that manifests throughout your application, you’ll be able to express your character more clearly and give colleges a better sense of who you are.

To help you come up with something that defines you and your experiences, make a list of your best qualities and what defines you as a student.

Additionally, ask friends, family members, and teachers what they think of when they think about you.

You’ll need to choose something unique to stand out, and describe it well.

Use imagery and other rhetorical devices to frame your metaphor. Also remember that admissions committees read many, many essays.

If you have a particular passion, describe why you love it and what you’ve done to hone and pursue it. Maybe you’re a writer and have participated in writing programs, contest, and clubs like the school newspaper.

Is there an image that comes to mind that illustrates how you’ve made writing your focus?

Colleges have seen hundreds of essays describe how winning a sports game is like conquering life obstacles. Consistency and cohesiveness are also important here. Don’t try to pack too much into a single thought, because then the metaphor might become too much of a leap.

“I’m like bird, because I’m quick on my feet, adventurous, and like to sing” has too many elements.


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