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If you continually work beyond your regular hours you will burn yourself out. At the same time, don’t be afraid to say no to distractions when you need to.Your friends will understand if you miss some social events--especially if you will be stressed to actually enjoy them. Use a Reference Manager Dissertations have hundreds of references and you don’t want to be scrambling at the end to track them all down.Here’s another tip: If you aim for earlier deadlines you will give yourself a bit of a buffer in case you have to push any of them back. Write the Introductions Last It’s easy to get stuck on an introduction, so skip them. Once you’re finished, you’ll know what you are actually introducing and be able to gather your thoughts.

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It’s not going to get any easier the longer you wait!

And while you can undoubtedly come up with a million reasons to delay (“I need to do more research/readings/experiments”) you won’t know if you’re right until you begin to write.

Plus doing smaller revisions along the way will save you from rewriting an entire chapter closer to the due date. Take Care of Yourself Just because you’re dissertating doesn’t mean you should let your health slide.

It’s easier to write when you’re in good physical and mental health.

If you’re a morning person, then start writing bright and early.

Likewise, if you really hit your stride in the evening shift your hours so you do most of your writing during this peak period. Just Start Writing Now that you’ve meticulously planned your writing, it’s time to start doing it.

As long as you have outlined your argument and approach for the chapter, you can easily skip a difficult part and use your time more efficiently to write a straightforward section.

Having made progress on an “easy” section, you will be more confident when returning to the tricky paragraphs. Get Feedback Early This tip is somewhat dependant on your supervisor and their preferences.

You should know how difficult and important it is if you had.

This is a paper you have to accomplish in order to become a Ph. in your field and lots of students are getting stuck writing it due to the complexity of the task.


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