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A reaction against the ivory tower theoreticians culminated in those who claimed to have no use for theory, arguing that empirical acquisition of knowledge was the only way to the truth.A pure empiricist would simply graph data and see if he got a straight line relation between variables.Do not include unnecessary figures or tables as this will confuse readers.

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This section must be clear, organized, and only include methods that were actually used (not procedures you tried but did not use or failed).

The goal is that others can follow the steps to replicate your study.

Washington, DC: American Psychological Association The introduction section is where you introduce the background and nature of your research question, justify the importance of your research, state your hypotheses, and how your research will contribute to scientific knowledge.

(Eds.), The Complete Academic: A Practical Guide for the Beginning Social Scientist 2nd Edition.

The conceptual researcher sits at his desk with pen in hand and tries to solve these problems by thinking about them.

Researchers such as the alchemists who did experiments were considered little better than blacksmiths—“filthy empiricists.” For all of their lofty status, conceptual researchers regularly produced theories that were wrong.

Aristotle taught that large cannonballs fell to earth faster than small ones, and many generations of professors repeated his teachings until Galileo proved them wrong.

Galileo was an empiricist of the best sort, one who performed original experiments not merely to destroy old theories but to provide the basis for new theories.

The central and basic findings should also be prominent in this section and should be clearly stated.

After the primary results have been provided, you can include the results of the preliminary tests that were performed.


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