Writing Essay Introductions And Conclusions

Check out the link in my reply to the post above I provided that explains introduction writing.

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(Check out the link in the post above that explains introduction writing).

This can be a good thing as it will avoid any confusion, especially if you are a lower level candidate and you are less able to make your ideas clear in the body paragraphs.

You would not have said the first part if you did not think it was true, so this looks odd.

I would word it like this: Hi, It is not really writing a good introduction to attract the examiner - the examiner will read your introduction whatever you do because that is their job!

The marking doesn't work in that way - there is nothing in the marking that specifically mentions conclusions.

Your essay needs to be a certain length, answer the question, be coherent etc. by Siel Do you always need to give your opinion about the subject in the question for the essay in task 2?That is why many sites state that you should give it in the introduction and conclusion.It is fine to do this and it won't look like you are repeating yourself.by Udhaya S (Chennai) Please help me to correct introduction of Ielts essay Some people think that schools should select students according to their academic abilities, while others believe that it is better to have students with different abilities studying together. Answer: Every children will have different abilities.Some people argue that it is undesirable to distinct children according to their abilities.As I said, it is up to you how you decide to approach things, but whatever you do, you must have a clear opinion which supports what you have written in the actual body paragraphs.If you are of a lower level of writing though and there could be any confusion it is best to put it upfront in the introduction and conclusion.Though some people argue that it is undesirable to separate children according to their skills, personally I believe that it is healthier to differentiate children in this respect.Hi Rajeev, It's not really possible to say whether it would have or not.You would then repeat your opinion in the conclusion.(Check out the link in the post above, which explains how to write a conclusion for an IELTS essay). If you follow some general essay writing guides they will tell you to put your opinion at the end of the essay if it is an essay where you are asked to "Discuss both opinions and give your own opinion" but at the beginning if you are asked if you "Agree or disagree".If you want to do this, that is fine, but you won't be marked down if you do not follow this convention.


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