Xsl Variable Assign Value

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Page The grouping column which i need to group by my XSL is in the Header section of the XML under Reports.

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If we write our stylesheet so that the results depend on the varying values of different variables, the stylesheet engine would be forced to evaluate the templates in a certain order.

XSLT variables are more like variables in the traditional mathematical sense.

XSLT variables can store any values that you can calculate or statically define.

This includes data structures, XML hierarchies, and combinations of text and parameters.

In most languages, you initialize a variable (I think this is what you were doing with the empty instruction at the top). Once you define a variable in a given scope, you should not redefine the same variable in that scope.

Then you change the variable as the program progresses.

Rather, this code fragment defines $foo as the collection of all the things created by the block.

In particular, B does not say "Look through the data nodes and if *any* of them satisfy the test ["contains(elements/ element A '1234) or contains(elements/package/id '55) or contains(elements/category/id, '67)" or contains(............."], then assign the value of "1" to B, otherwise assign "0." Rather, what this code does is say "Create a temporary document in memory.

The scope of a local variable is limited to the template or code block in which it is defined.

The value of a global variable is accessible anywhere in the style sheet.


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